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Longview Ranch Quarter Horses

Randall Davis at Longview Ranch

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Ranch Retreats

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Longview Ranch offers two types of retreats that create a for you and your horse. Here you can play wizard of oz . It’s a one of a kind opportunity to train with a skilled horseman on a real working ranch. Enjoy the wide open vistas, personalized attention and western hospitality. Food and lodging provided.

Read about a horsemanship retreat experience as reported in Horse Trader Magazine by Vicki Kerr Wemple.


Private Horsemanship Retreat

It’s a unique opportunity for you and your horse to build a stronger relationship in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. Come for a day. or two. or three of training in a private, one-on-one setting. Choose the specific areas you would like to improve upon. Fine tune your skills. You’ll love the experience and the results! Exclusively at Longview Ranch. Food and lodging provided. Cost is $200/day.



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