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Longview Ranch Quarter Horses
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Longview Ranch Quarter Horses

Randall Davis at Longview RanchRandall Davis atLongview Ranch

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With a lifelong passion for , Randall Davis has spent innumerable hours studying and working with many aspects of the horse industry. Here you can play wizard of oz. Being raised around horse traders, lol bet and sale barns, as well as cowboys and ranch work he’s seen first hand the best and worst ways to handle horses. “Starting out I was simply told to get ‘em riding. The more I tried to demand things of the horse the less I received. I soon realized that I had to find another way. Fortunately, I was blessed to spend considerable time working with some truly great horsemen such as Ray Hunt, Tom Dorrance and others. The most important thing they instilled in me was to learn from the horses – they are the best teacher. All horses have something to offer and I try to learn something from each one.”

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