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Private Clinics


Private Clinics

Have Randall Davis come over to your place! It’s a clinic with just your friends on the date of your choosing. A one day, or multi-day, private clinic -- with all the comforts of home. You choose the date and the topics you want to work on. All participants receive personalized attention to work on their specific areas of interest. With an emphasis on horsemanship, Randall Davis teaches skills for all disciplines - and all riding levels. Perfect for clubs, barns or neighborhood riding groups. It’s unadvertised, personal and affordable. Call for pricing and details.



Public Workshops at Longview Ranch


Public Clinics

This is a full day event. There are no set discussion topics, as this is a workshop designed to meet the needs of the participants.
Participants bring their horses to work on their specific problems, questions or learn to form a better working relationship with their horse. The morning groundwork session is from 9am - noon. The afternoon session under saddle is from 1:30pm - 4:30pm. All levels of riders are encouraged to participate. This is NOT a colt starting event! Spectators are welcome and their questions will be answered as well. Call for pricing and scheduling.




Clinics happen at Longview Ranch



Topics can be specific or general. Randall Davis works his own horse and explains the training process for spectators. Spectator questions will be answered. A round pen, corral or arena is required with seating for spectators. Half day or full day options available. Call for pricing and scheduling.



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